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Hitachi Cassette Air Conditioner

Hitachi Cassette AC

Advanced Comfort

Hitachi, a trusted name in air conditioning, offers a diverse range of Cassette AC’s to conquer climate control challenges in large rooms or high-ceiling spaces. Whether you prioritize energy savings, maximum power, or a balance of both, Hitachi has a Cassette AC to fit your needs.

Key Features

Hitachi Cassette Air Conditioner

Cool or Heat Every Corner

Hitachi’s signature 4-way airflow technology ensures consistent comfort. Cool or warm air (depending on the mode) is distributed evenly throughout the room, eliminating hot or cold spots.

Efficiency or Power? You Decide

Hitachi Inverter Cassette AC Prioritize energy efficiency. Inverter technology adjusts power based on room temperature, potentially leading to lower electricity bills.Hitachi Fixed Speed Cassette AC Prioritize robust cooling or heating power, making them ideal for large spaces or extreme climates.

Peace and Quiet

Many Hitachi Cassette AC models operate at minimal noise levels for a peaceful environment.

Finding the Perfect

Cassette AC Hitachi Match


Choose a capacity that effectively cools or heats your space. Hitachi offers a variety of capacities, typically ranging from hitachi cassette ac 1 ton price all the way up to hitachi 4 ton cassette ac (check online stores or authorized dealers for specific model pricing). Here’s a popular option to get you started: Hitachi 2 ton cassette ac price is readily available online.

Efficiency vs. Power

Decide if energy efficiency (inverter models) or maximum cooling/heating power (fixed speed models) is your top priority.


Hitachi Cassette AC’s generally fall within a mid-range to premium price point.

4 Way Cassette Ac