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Lloyd Cassette Air Conditioner A Havells Brand

Lloyd Cassette AC

Big Cooling, Low Prices

Looking for a powerful and budget-friendly way to cool your large room or high-ceiling space in India? Look no further than Lloyd Cassette AC’s! They’re a popular choice for a reason, offering a winning combination of features and affordability.

Lloyd Ceiling AC

Cool Every Corner of Your Large Space

Efficient Cooling

Lloyd Cassette AC’s boast robust cooling capacities, ensuring they can effectively cool even large rooms.

360° Comfort

Many models utilize a multi-directional airflow design (sometimes called cassette ac lloyd) that distributes cool air evenly throughout the room, eliminating hot spots for consistent comfort.

Capacity Options

Choose the perfect fit for your space! Lloyd offers a range of capacities, typically from Lloyd cassette ac 1.5 ton all the way up to Lloyd cassette ac 4 ton. (Check online stores or authorized Lloyd dealers for specific lloyd 2 ton cassette ac price, lloyd 3 ton cassette ac price, and lloyd cassette ac 4 ton price.)

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Lloyd cassette ac 2 ton price

As of my last update, the price of a Lloyd cassette AC unit with a capacity of 2 tons can vary based on factors like model specifications, energy efficiency ratings, and local market conditions. Typically, prices for such units can range from, depending on features such as inverter technology, advanced filters, and smart connectivity options. It’s advisable to check with local retailers or online platforms for the most accurate and current pricing information.

Additional Benefits to Consider

cassette ac lloyd

Peace and Quiet

Several Lloyd Cassette AC’s operate at minimal noise levels, allowing for a peaceful environment.

Energy Efficiency Options

While energy efficiency may vary by model, some Lloyd Cassette AC’s boast a good energy rating, potentially leading to lower electricity bills.

Extra Features (depending on the model)

Look for features like sleep mode, auto-restart, and heating capabilities in Lloyd ceiling AC’s. Prices vary by model and retailer. Check online stores or visit authorized Lloyd dealers in India for the latest prices on 2 ton or 1.5 ton cassette AC’s.