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Haier Cassette Air Conditioner

Haier Cassette AC

Climate Control

Haier Cassette AC’s are a powerful solution for achieving consistent comfort in large rooms or high-ceiling spaces, offered by both Haier India and Haier in other regions. Whether you prioritize maximum cooling or heating power, or energy efficiency, Haier has a Cassette AC to fit your needs.

Key Features

Haier Ceiling Cassette

Cool or Heat Every Corner

Haier Cassette AC’s boast a signature round-way or 4-way airflow design (depending on the model). This innovative system distributes cool or warm air evenly throughout the room, eliminating hot or cold spots for consistent comfort in every corner.

Power or Efficiency? You Decide,Haier (Non-Inverter)

Prioritizes robust cooling or heating power, making them ideal for large spaces or extreme climates. Haier Inverter Cassette AC: Prioritizes energy efficiency with inverter technology, potentially leading to lower electricity bills. (Haier cassette inverter price can be found online or from authorized dealers).

Haier Ceiling Cassette AC

This refers to the unit’s mounting style. Haier 1 Way Cassette AC: This might be a specific model type offering a particular airflow configuration. Research online using terms like Haier 1 way cassette ac to see if this option aligns with your needs.

Finding The Perfect Match

Haier Cassette AC Price


Choose a capacity that effectively cools or heats your space. Haier offers a variety of capacities, likely ranging from 1.5 ton ceiling ac (check online stores or authorized dealers for specific model availability).

Efficiency vs. Power

Decide if energy efficiency (inverter models) or maximum cooling/heating power (non-inverter models) is your top priority.


Haier Cassette AC’s generally fall within a mid-range to premium price point.

1 Way Cassette Ac

2 Way Cassette Ac

4 Way Cassette Ac

360deg Air Flow Cassette Ac