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LG Ceiling Mounted Cassette provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment, making it the perfect asset for your business. LG Cassette type indoor units also purifies air for a fresher and healthier environment.


Why LG Ceiling Mounted Cassette?

LG Ceiling Mounted Cassette fills the room with healthier and cooler air with a 5-step filtration air purification kit.

Air Purification Kit: 5-step filtration

Removes Ultrafine Dust, Bacteria & Virus: Up to 99%

Certified by: Intertek, TUVRheinland

Air Purification for Healthier Indoor Spaces

A powerful 5-step air purification system removes odors, germs, and PM 1.0 fine dust. This filter can be cleaned with water, allowing semi-permanent usage.

  1. Step 1: Pre-Filter – Capture fine dust.
  2. Step 2: Dust Electrification – Increases the electrostatic force of particles. Improves filter’s collecting efficiency.
  3. Step 3: PM 1.0 Filter – Removes up to 99% of fine to ultrafine dust.
  4. Step 4: Deodorization Filter – High efficiency gas absorption technology removes unpleasant odors & harmful gases.
  5. Step 5: Ionizer – Inactivate bacteria and germs.

*The fine dust reduction performance of the air purification kit was tested by TUV Rheinland…

Provide Healthy Air in a Large Space

It is a larger air purification area than the cooling area. It can cover up to 147㎡ to create a clean and healthy environment in various vertical spaces, such as kindergartens, schools, and shopping malls.

*The coverage area for air purification may vary depending on the indoor environment.

LG Air Conditioner Features

Feature Description

Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring with a wireless or wired remote controller, panel LED lamp, and smartphone

Convenient Attachment and Detachment

Easier installation by attachment to the indoor unit body.

Smart 4 Way Cassette

Smart Indoor Environment Control with Human Detection Sensor and Humidity Sensor

Human Detection Technology

Human Detection Sensor recognizes the user’s location and presence for maximized energy efficiency and comfort. By sensing the human body, direct/indirect wind options are provided for users to choose a more pleasant operation mode to make the indoor environment more comfortable. Moreover, energy can be further saved by automatically setting the target temperature based on the user’s presence.

*Human Detection Sensor can be purchased as an option.

Humidity Sensing Technology

Humidity level of indoor space is comprehended to provide comfort cooling for various climate conditions…

Wi-Fi Remote Control with ThinQ™

With the LG ThinQ™ app, users can simply control the air conditioner anytime from anywhere. Remote access to the air conditioner allows users the maximized comfort.

Compact Size

Slim & compact design of smart 4-way cassette not only saves space but also reduces installation cost. It is designed to suit most of the building designs and fit into various spaces.

High Ceiling Mode

High Ceiling mode provides powerful cooling and heating up to 4.2m in height, from ceiling to floor. Airflow can be further strengthened by adjusting the fan speed.

Independent Vane Control

The independent vane operation feature uses separate stepping motors, making it possible to control all four vanes independently.

Convenient Panel Installation

The detachable corner design facilitates hanger adjustment and leakage check in the drain connection pipe. The button-type panel design makes it easy to install the panel to the body.

Auto Elevation Grille

Auto Elevation Grille allows easy filter cleaning with a 4-point support structure, auto-leveling, and auto-stop detection features and memory located at the user’s level.

Convenient Panel Installation

The detachable corner design makes it easy to adjust the hanger during installation and to check for leakages in the drain connection pipe.