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Ceiling Mounted Cassette

Maximizing the indoor aesthetics with comfortable environment

The New Cassette with Air Purification

LG Cassette type indoor unit is equipped with the air purification function. It offers a solution to the problem of
ultrafine dust that harms our bodies. This is the CAC*-certified, high-performance product that delivers clean, cool
air to your large space.

Air Purification Filter that Removes 99.9% of PM1.0

Powerful 4 step air purification filter removes up to 99.9% PM 1.0 ultrafine dust. In addition, it can be used
semi-permanently, as it can be maintained by washing with water without a regular change of the filter.

Provide Healthy Air in a Large Space

It is a larger air purification area than the cooling area. It can cover up to 147m² to create a clean and healthy
environment in various vertical spaces, such as kindergartens, schools, and shopping malls.

Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring with a wireless or wired remote controller, panel LED lamp, and smart phone

Convenient Attachment and Detachment

Easier installation by attachment to the indoor unit body.

Compact Design & Size

New 4 Way Cassette panel adapted unibody shape. Its panel size is fit into the ceiling tile. Moreover, the indoor
unit with slim and compact dimensions has reduced the restriction which enables successful installation in various

Auto Elevation Grille

Auto Elevation Grille allows easy filter cleaning with 4-point support structure, auto leveling and auto stop
detection features and memory located at user’s level.

Independent Vane Control

The independent vane operation feature uses separate motors, making it possible to control all four vanes

6-Step Vane Control

There are 6 different steps to control air flow direction with 1 way cassette. It also has the vane for auto swing
that moves between left and right sides for up to 120 degrees.

Minimized Height

The height of 1 Way Cassette is 132mm, making it the ideal solution for installation in limited space.

Flexible Installation

The access for inspection at 1 Way Cassette does not require additional ducted space making the installation
environment uncomplicated.

Ceiling Mounted 1-Way Cassette Unit 2.8kW ARNU09GTUD4


Parameter Value
Cooling – kW 2.8
Cooling – kcal/h 2,400
Cooling – Btu/h 9,600
Heating – kW 3.2
Heating – kcal/h 2,800
Heating – Btu/h 10,900


Parameter Dimensions (㎜) Dimensions (inch)
Body 860 × 132 × 450 33-27/32 × 5-3/16 × 17-23/32
Front Panel 1,100 × 34 × 500 43-5/16 × 1-11/32 × 19-11/16


Parameter Value
Type Cross Flow Fan
Motor Output × Number – W 30.0
Running Current – A 0.18
Air Flow Rate(H / M / L) – m³/min 9.2 / 8.6 / 8.2
Air Flow Rate(H / M / L) – ft³/min 324.7 / 303.6 / 289.5
Drive Direct
Motor type BLDC